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Wireless Sensor Networks

Processor and Radio Boards

1. MPR2400 MICAz, IEEE 802.15.4 radio, quantity: 38


2. Tmote Sky, IEEE 802.15.4 radio, with temperature, light, and humidity sensors, quantity: 6

Tmote Sky Blue

(Note: the Tmote Sky and TelosB are functionally equivalent. Any hardware or software information about the TelosB motes also applies to the Tmote Sky.)

Mote Programming Boards

(Note: the programming boards are not required for Tmote Sky motes.)

1. MIB510CA Mote Serial Programming Board, quantity: 1


2. MIB520CB Mote USB Programming Board, quantity: 2


3. MIB600 Mote Ethernet Programming Board, quantity: 2


Sensor Boards

1. MTS310CA Multi-Sensor Board for Mica family, with accelerometer and magnetometer, quantity: 25


2. MDA300 Mote DAQ board with precision thermistor, light sensor/photocell and general prototyping area, quantity: 2(driver in TinyOS CVS)


Robots and Systems

1. LEGO Mindstorms Education Base Set, quantity: 1

Lego Mind Storm

2. Honeywell Chronotherm III Programmable Thermostat, quantity: 1 

Chronotherm III

Bio-medical Systems from BioPac

MP35 Data Acquisition System
Fast response Thermistor – SS6L
Airflow Transducer (Med. Flow) – SS11LA
Pulse Photoplethysmogram – SS4LA
Respiratory Effort Transducer – SS5LB
EDA Lead Transducer for Disposable Setups – SS57L
Shielded Lead Set – SS2L

Testing and Measurements

Tektronix DPO4054 Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope
Tektronix AFG 3252 Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator * 2
BK Precision 5492 Digital Multimeter * 2
BK Precision 1651A DC Power Supply * 2
Fluke 189 True RMS Multimeter * 2

Quanser Experiments Setups

Rotary Servo Plant * 2
2 DOF Robot Module * 1
2DOF Gantry Joint/Inverted Pendulum * 1
Rotary Flexible Link Module (FLEXGAGE) * 1
Quanser Engineering Trainer (QET DCMCT) * 1
HFE Heat Flow Equipment * 1
MECHKIT Mechatronics Kit * 1
Coupled Tank Experiment * 1
Analog Plant Simulator * 1
Q4 – hardware in the loop board (4 encoder channel) * 2
Power Supply: UPM 2405 (24V, 5A) and UPM 1503 (15V, 3A) 1/2


Server1: Dell PowerEdge2900
Server2: Dell Optiplex Gx620
Dell Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor, w/Intel Core 2 Duo * 2
Dell Latitude D600,D630,D400
2 Laser Printers, 1 Color Printer, and 1 HP projector
AXIS 206 Network Camera