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Sensor and Actuator Networks Bibliography

Data Mining

Image Processing

  • ConferMedical Images
  • Great Introduction to Image Processing
  • Free Imaging Toolboxes for medical images
  • General Imaging Toolbox
  • Image Databases

Image Processing Conferences

Data Sets

From the web

  • UCI Machine Learning Repository Contains several small data sets with a variety of data characteristics, including some high dimensional data sets.
  • Data on the Net (University of California-San Diego, USA) A searchable repository of annotated links to downloadable data, data archive home pages, data catalogues, and distributors and vendors of data. Contains links to sites with census data, geographic data, social science data, etc.
  • KDD Nuggets list of datasets
  • UCI Knowledge Discovery in Databases Archive This is an online repository of relatively large data sets which encompasses a wide variety of data types, analysis tasks, and application areas. The primary role of this repository is to enable researchers in knowledge discovery and data mining to scale existing and future data analysis algorithms to very large and complex data sets.

Generating Synthetic Data

Teaching Resources

Visual Tools for Electric Circuits


For Graduate Students

Available Undergraduate Student Research Opportunity

  1. Intelligent Wireless Mobile Sensor Nodes.
  2. Feature Identification for Medical Images.
  3. Filtering Based Texture Analysis for Medical Images.
  4. Virtual Electro-Mechanical Systems Lab.
  5. Virtual Electric Circuit Lab.

Academic Jobs

Genomic News and Data Sets

From the web

  • TIGR Contains several genome and genome properties data sets with a variety of data characteristics, including some high dimensional data sets.
  • BioExchange Biotechnology News and Information Portal, Biotech jobs and career resources, etc.
  • GenomeWeb Daily news about new development in genome research and commercialization.