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Research Projects

1. Smart Sensor and System Integration

1.1 Ubiquitous Healthcare Monitoring based on WSN: Build a distributed sensor network test bed using MicaZ communication modules and various biomedical sensors; Design integrated intelligent scheduling algorithm for intelligent wireless sensor network, etc. (Supported by UH GEAR grant and matching grant from Abramson Family Center for Future of Health.)

1.2 Testbed of Smart Sensors : Developing test procedures and simulation platform for smart sensor networks testbed based on IEEE 1451 standard. Supported by NSAS Integrated System Health Management program and COT.

1.3 Networked Health Monitoring Systems: Developing hierarchical cross-layer optimized network protocols and algorithms for networked health monitoring systems with applications in space exploration, animal telemetry, and civil infrastructure.

2. Data Centric Modeling

2.1 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing Skin Lesion project
Detection, Texture Anlaysis, and Maligancy Classification.

Cardiac Optical Imaging project
Signal pre-processing; activation map, action potential map, and velocity field map extraction; heterogeneity modeling and analysis for different disease model.

2.2 Spatial Temporal Analysis based on Statistical Learning Theory
Develop novel classification and clustering algorithms for spatial temporal datasets that are cost-sensistive and imblanced. Projects include (1) ground-level peak ozone modeling and forecasting system; (2) hot-spot identification.

3. Educational Projects

Projects develop novel learning modules for engineering education.

3.1 NSF CCLI: Infusing Advanced Sensor Network Research into Undergraduate Education
3.2 NSF REU: Sensor Networks and Security Infrastructure
3.3 Final Projects from Analysis of Data Networks
3.4 Hybrid mechatronics experiments