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Final Project Reports

HereĀ is a list of students final project report for ELET6318 Spring 2011.

Team 1: Divya Pathiramanna, Madhu Vinod Diwakar

WLAN A survey on 802.11n standard over 802.11g

Team 2: Ali Givmanesh, Eric Peters

Case Study Remote Management System

Team 3: Harsha Natarajan, Karthik Ram Narumanchi, and Abhishek Challa

Performance Analysis of Spanning Tree Protocol

Team 4: Adongbede Bamidele

Performance Analysis of an Automated Appliance Control Panel based on WIFI and Infrared

Team 5: Bo Cao, Liang Shan

A Survey of VoIP: Now and Future

Team 6: Shabnam Kousha, David Iglesias

A Survey of Network Traffic Models, Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis Tools

Team 7: Noe Nevarez, Vo Duc Huy

Linux Firewall Performance Analysis

Team 8: Jeremy Turnbull

Elliptic Curve Cryptography vs. Traditional Cryptographic Algorithms

Team 9: Jingbo Zhang

A Survey of Graphic Design Tools: Current applications and future development