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Team 7

Linux Firewall Performance Analysis

Noe Nevarez, Vo Duc Huy

University of Houston


The goal of this experiment is to show how a linux based firewall can perform as well as most of the more expensive commercial appliances that are out there. This type of firewall may be beneficial for small business or businesses at home that don’t have enough financial resources for the more expensive firewall appliances. We will be using an application called iptables which runs natively in most if not all linux flavors. This linux firewall will serve as a gateway for internal users as they access external networks outside of the firewall and the internet. We will be using a program called httping and Wireshark to measure the following metrics: Throughput, Protocol Latency, and Concurrent connections (per-second).

Check out the full version of the report on Linux Firewall Performance Analysis here: PDF