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Learning Modules

Infusing Advanced Sensor Network Research into Undergraduate Education

Module 1 Introduction to Sensor Networks

This module includes an slides and video of Introduction to Computer Network to get non-major students familiar with components in a wireless data acqusition systems (DAQ) including the hardware and software platforms that are commercially avaialble and some for research purpose only, modeling and simulation platforms, and sensor network testbeds. After finishing this module, students will write a survey paper on an sensor nework application detailing on its function, social impact, performance as compared to wired DAQ, and its hardware and software components.

Module 2 Small Scale Project-based Experiments

2.1 Component Level Experiments

  1. Analog Circuits Fundamentals (RC circuits frequency response, Multisim Workbench): PreLab and Lab Manual
  2. Analog Power Source Fundamentals (VCCS, CCVS):PreLab and Lab Manual
  3. Analog Signal Conditioning Fundamentals:PreLab and Lab Manual
  4. Thermistor and First Order Time Response:PreLab and Lab Manual
  5. Thermocouple based Temperature Measurement System:PreLab and Lab Manual
  6. Mechanical Sensor Fundamentals: Strain Gauge and Load Cell:PreLab and Lab Manual

System Level Experiments

  1. Introduction to software developement enviornment: LabVIEW and VI construction:PreLab and Lab Manual
  2. Measurement and Instrumentation Fundamentals:PreLab and Lab Manual
  3. Programmable System on Chip (pSoC) Fundamental:Lab Manual
  4. Digital Fundamentals: Implement comparator and ADC/DAC using pSoC:PreLab and Lab Manual
  5. Digital Fundamentals: Build LCD Display using pSoC:PreLab and Lab Manual

Network and Communication Lab Experiments

  1. WSN Software Platform TinyOS Installation and Configuration:Lab Manual
  2. Configuration and driver installation for Mica motes family in TinyOS:Lab Manual
  3. Mote-Mote Radio Communication:Lab Manual
  4. Mote-Computer Serial Communication:Lab Manual
  5. Sensing and Data Visualization:Lab Manual

Module 3 Medium Scale Project-based Experiments

1. Indoor ambient environment and activity monitoring system setup:

WSN Indoor Mon

2. Wireless DAQ for smart vibration platform system setup:

Wireless SVP

3. Home Environment Monitoring and Control: ySmart system setup:

Y Smart